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An SEO audit performed on your website through plugin will involve a comprehensive crawl of your entire website to identifyany on-page SEO issues that may be impacting your site's visibility and ranking in search engines.

Performing a website audit with our plugin can help you to identify and resolve technical errors and on-page SEO issues across your entire website. This can help to improve your rankings in Google and increase the visibility of your site in search results.

The plugin conducts a comprehensive SEO audit that evaluates different factors relevant to search engine optimization.

It then presents the results of this examination in over 50 different analyses that are divided into five main categories:

  • Meta Information
  • Page Quality
  • Page structure
  • Link structure and Server configuration
  • Errors
  • Warnings, and Notices

Errors are critical issues that have a negative impact on a website's search engine ranking and should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage to SEO.

Warnings are potential issues that could affect the ranking, but may not be as severe as Errors.
Notices, on the other hand, provide additional information that doesn't necessarily have a negative impact on ranking but may offer suggestions for improvement.

Overall, SEO audit is an incredibly valuable plugin for website owners and SEO professionals,
as it enables them to identify and fix SEO issues, improve visibility on search engines,
and enhance their website's performance. It provides an actionable insight and recommendations for SEO.


  • 1. Easy configuration
  • 2. Quick installation
  • 3. Improve functionality
  • 4. No Redirects

* To avoid any issues, please review the product page and confirm that your system meets the plugin's requirements before purchasing as it is non-refundable after download. for further refund related details please refer Refund Policy.

* Our plugin requires proper configuration to function correctly, and we strongly advise that you have the necessary knowledge and expertise before making a purchase. If you require assistance with configuration, please contact us for paid support services


I highly recommend this SEO audit plugin for nopcommerce. It helped me to identify and resolve on-page SEO errors on the website.

1/27/2023 4:31:41 PM


This plugin is very useful for an on-page SEO audit, it helped me to resolve all the technical errors and warnings on my website.

1/27/2023 4:59:25 PM