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Title: Social Media Data Analyzer

Type: Social

Technology: Asp.net, C# ,Bootstrap,Entity Framework Core

Team Size: 1 (2 Developers, 1 Designer)

Time Duration: 1 month

Tools: Unilizer,Visual Studio, Sql Server,Selenium Automation Testing

Description: Social Media Data Analyzer is a software tool that helps businesses to analyze and extract meaningful insights from their Facebook data. The tool can analyze various aspects of Facebook data, including user engagement, demographics, page performance, and more. By leveraging the power of data analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into their Facebook audience and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly. The tool can also help businesses to track the success of their Facebook campaigns, monitor their competitors'social media activities, and identify emerging trends in their industry. With Social Media(Facebook) Data Analyzer, businesses can take their Facebook marketing efforts to the next level and achieve better results.