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Title: Medical Client Portal

Type: Heath & Wellness

Technology: asp.net mvc 5, javascript, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap 3, CSS 3,Entity Framework

Team Size: 5

Time Duration: 5 month

Tools: Visual Studio, Sql Server,Selenium Automation Testing

Description: Medical Client Portal provides a secure, efficient, and user-friendly way for healthcare organizations to manage their spend data. With Medical Client Portal, healthcare professionals can access real-time spend data, monitor their financial performance, and optimize their supply chain operations. The portal offers a range of features, including spend analytics, compliance monitoring, and benchmarking, that help healthcare organizations improve their financial performance and enhance patient care. Medical Client Portal also offers expert consulting services that enable healthcare professionals to identify opportunities for cost savings and implement best practices in financial management. Whether you are a healthcare administrator or a finance professional, Medical Client Portal is a powerful tool for optimizing your financial performance and delivering better patient outcomes.